Rath Discrete View Cameras
Rath Discrete View® Pinhole Cameras

With the Rath Discrete View® cameras you can either monitor the Area’s of Refuge with a continuous feed or upon call box activation. You have the option of viewing only or recording to a DVR device.
Rath Discrete View® Cameras Pinhole Cameras

Pinhole Camera Features
  • Analog camera
  • Mounted by Rath in any of our flush mount or surface mount box style phones (except 2100-956B_)
  • Continuous stream or upon phone activation
  • Viewing angle is field adjustable
  • High resolution at 600 TVL
  • Excellent video in low light conditions (.0001 Lux/F2.0)
  • Video connection requires either a coaxial video cable with BNC connector or an 18-24ga shielded pair when using our optional Balun connectors. Requires matched pair so order (2) of part number RP6800200B
  • Optional digital adaptor allows for connection to a digital system