Rath Discrete View™ Cameras
Rath Discrete View™ Pinhole Cameras

With the Rath Discrete View™ cameras you can either monitor the Area of Refuge with a continuous feed or upon call box activation. You have the option of viewing only or recording to a DVR device.
Rath Discrete View™ Cameras Pinhole Cameras

Pinhole Camera Features
  • Compatible with any Rath 2100 series phone
  • Continuous stream or upon station activation
  • Power requirements: PoE or 12vdc
  • Send to video monitor DVR device or local SD card
  • Field adjustable viewing angle
  • High resolution at 1280 x 960
  • HD 1080p video
  • Smart codec for better quality video where needed
  • Allows for triple stream
  • RJ45 IP or BNC analog connection