Communication Failure Enabled
IP Based Cellular Gateway

Cellular Gateway (2100-VOIPLCCV)
How it Works:
RATH® Cellular Gateways are designed to replace analog/POTS lines in Area of Refuge or Emergency Communication Systems. The 2100-VOIPLCCV takes a 2-wire run from any RATH® 2500 Series Base Station and plugs into the FXS port terminated with an RJ11 connection. A single number account will need to be set up with Verizon and a 4G data SIM card will need to be assigned to the device with a public IP address. This public IP address will need to be registered to a SIP service provider such as FlowRoute which can provide VoIP services over the Verizon data network. There is no internet connection required. This device is using the Verizon data network as an internet connection for VoIP calls using a remote Internet Telephone Service Provider (ITSP).

  • Dimensions: 11-1/2" H x 10" W x 5" D
  • Transmits both voice and data wirelessly
  • Setup a standard 4G cellular account with Verizon. Receive a 4G SIM card and install in the unit. Also setup an account with Flow Route for the data transmission. The system will still be wireless.
  • Allows for a RATH® Emergency Phone System to dial off-site wirelessly
  • The 2100-VOIPLCCV provides an “alarm” output that is triggered when the device has lost cellular connection for NFPA 72 Supervision Compliance
  • Requires a standard 15mm x 25mm SIM card
  • VoIP Protocols: SIP v2, SDP, RTP, and RFC 2833
  • Network Protocols: IPv4, TCP, UDP, DHCP, SNTP, STUN, HTTP, and PPPoE
  • Connections: FXS RJ11, LAN, and WAN RJ45 (10/100 BaseT)
  • Power: 120vac from a backed up source or use RATH® RP7700104
  • Power Consumption: 8w
  • Temperature Range: -14°F – 122°F
  • Wall mount enclosure with door
  • FCC Part 15 compliant
  • Two year warranty

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