Addressable Two-Way Communication Systems

Addressable Two-Way Communication Systems

Area of Refuge SmartCommand (Daisy Chained 1-32 Call Box System) Code Compliant solutions

RATH® is the leading manufacturer of NFPA®, IBC®, UL® and ADA code compliant Area of Refuge Two-Way Communication Systems
IBC® Code 1009.8.1 System requirements
Two-way communication systems shall provide communication between each required location (RATH® SmartCommand Call Boxes) and the fire command center or a central control point (RATH® Call Commanders) location approved by the fire department. Where the central control point is not a constantly attended location, a two-way communication system shall have a timed automatic telephone dial-out capability to a monitoring location or 9-1-1 .
The two-way communication system shall include both audible and visible signals (RATH® Signage)

RATH® SmartCommand two-way communication systems are designed for Area of Refuge Installations between 1 - 32 Call Boxes

Example: How the SmartCommand System
(with daisy chained wiring) works in an Elevator Landing

Key Features:
  • Our innovative SmartCommand System utilizes daisy chained wiring for a more efficient installation
  • System is specifically designed to meet UL 2525 Standards
  • The system is also fully supervised, so no additional equipment is needed to meet code requirements
  • Surface or flush mount lockable Call Commander cabinets
  • Surface or flush mount SmartCommand Call Boxes
  • Two-Way person to person voice off-site communication capabilities

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Addressable Two-Way Communication Systems