Command Center System

Command Center System

Area of Refuge Two-Way Communication 1-116 Call Box System

Up to 116 Call Boxes can be handled by the Command System. Only one pair of wires between each Call Box and head end is needed. The system provides two-way, person to person voice, off-site communication utilizing one dedicated phone line. All system components meet current industry codes.

RATH® Command Center two-way communication systems are designed for Area of Refuge Installations between 1 - 116 Call Boxes
Example: How the Command Center System
works in an Elevator Landing

Key Features:
  • 1-116 Zones can be handled by the lockable, powder coated Command Center Base Station Cabinet
  • Flush or Surface mount Call Boxes available
  • 1 pair of wires between each Call Box & Distribution Module for easy & cost effective installation
  • Two-way person to person voice off-site communication capabilities utilizing 1 dedicated phone line
  • All components meet current Code Requirements

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Command Center System