IP Command Center System Supervision

IP Command Center System Supervision

Area of Refuge Command Center IP 1-128 Call Box System

Each2400 Series Call Box, Command Center, and outside phone line connect directly into the RATH® Supervisor Board (2500__-SPRVSR).
Each IP Call Box, along with the Command Center, has a unique IP address that the 2500-VOIPM "pings" every 10 minutes to ensure connection. If power supervision is needed, an additional purchase of the UPS Monitor (2500-UPSMONITOR), which includes a Power Failure relay output, is required.

2500-VOIPM IP Supervisor
2500-VOIPM IP Supervisor

The RATH® IP Supervisor allows supervision for up to 200 RATH® IP endpoints (Phones and Command Center). The default system check is once every 10 minutes, but the time frame is adjustable. If the Supervisor does not detect one of the programmed IP endpoints or the network goes down, it will provide a contact closure alarm. Device includes Supervisor, relay output, and network cable.

Dimensions: 11-1/2" H x 10" W x 5" D

Code Compliance: UL 61010-1

Current Draw: 270mA

  • (2) Form 1C SPDT switches, (1) NO and (1) NC. Rated 277vac at 20A
  • (2) 10 Base-T or 100 Base-T, 8-pin RJ45 connection
Network: Ethernet IPv4
  • Requires static IP addresses for all components
  • Supports web browser: HTTP/HTTPS, XML, Modbus/TCP & SNMP protocols
LED indicators:
  • Green (power on) Yellow (network)
Temperature range: -40°F 150°F

Additional Features:
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Electromagnetic compliance: IEC CISPR 22, 24. FCC 47CFR15 (Class B)
Power Requirements: Mounting:
  • Wall mount enclosure with door

Dimensions: 5-1/4" H x 3-1/8" W x 2-5/8" D

Power Requirements:
  • 24vdc @ 28mA / 24vac @ 69mA
  • 120vac @ 45mA / 230vac @ 36mA per module position

Polarized Coil Input(s): DC control inputs only

Energized Indicator: One red LED per module position

Contact Ratings:
  • Resistive load: 7A @ 30vdc, 10A @ 125vac, 7A @ 250vac
  • Inductive load: .25 HP 125/250vac (N.C.), .33HP 125/250vac (N.O.)

Contact Construction: Dry form "C" DPDT per module position

Ambient Temperature:
  • 32F to 120F (0°C to 49°C) @ 93% RH (@32°C)
  • Non-Condensing / Non-Freezing

"/T" Versions:
  • 3.5" wide, low profile snap track provided with mounting screws

"/C" Versions:
  • Backbox: 18ga CRS, plated with 1/2" conduit knockouts top and bottom
  • Cover Material: MR-101, MR-201: plastic ABS 94V-0 ("/C" Grey, "/C/R" Red) MR-104, MR-204: CRS 18ga ("/C" Grey, "/C/R" Red)

"T" versions: UL Recognized Component (UL864, UOXX2)File #S3403, CSFM File #7300-1004:106 C versions: UL Listed (UL864, UOXX), CUL Listed (UL864, UOXX7) File #S3403, CSFM File #7300-1004:101, MEA File #73-92-E Vol.14 (MR-101, MR-104), Vol. 16 (MR-201, MR-204) C/R versions: UL Listed (UL864, UOXX), CUL Listed (UL864, UOXX7) File #S3403, CSFM File #7300-1004:101, MEA File #73-92-E Vol. 22

IP Command Center System Supervision