IP Command Center

IP Base Station & Distribution Module
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System includes: Base Station & Distribution Module
  • Note: RP7700104 Power Supply with battery backup sold separately
  • Available in 3 mounting options (desk, surface or flush)
Desk Mount - No Cabinet
  • 10 Zone (2500-10NCV)
  • 16 Zone (2500-16NCV)
  • 32 Zone (2500-32NCV)
  • 48 Zone (2500-48NCV)
  • 64 Zone (2500-64XNCV)
  • 80 Zone (2500-80XNCV)
  • 96 Zone (2500-96XNCV)
  • 112 Zone (2500-112XNCV)
  • 128 Zone (2500-128XNCV)
Surface Mount Cabinet
  • 10 Zone (2500-10RCV)
  • 16 Zone (2500-16RCV)
  • 32 Zone (2500-32RCV)
  • 48 Zone (2500-48RCV)
  • 64 Zone (2500-64XRCV)
  • 80 Zone (2500-80XRCV)
  • 96 Zone (2500-96XRCV)
  • 112 Zone (2500-112XRCV)
  • 128 Zone (2500-128XRCV)

  • 2500-10RCV
    15.12"H x 12"W x 6.125"D
  • 2500-16RCV, 32RCV, 48RCV, 64XRCV, 80XRCV, 96XRCV, 112XRCV, 128XRCV:
    21.07"H x 20.3"W x 5.125"D
Flush Mount Cabinet
  • 10 Zone (2500-10RCFV)
  • 16 Zone (2500-16RCFV)
  • 32 Zone (2500-32RCFV)
  • 48 Zone (2500-48RCFV)
  • 64 Zone (2500-64XRCFV)
  • 80 Zone (2500-80XRCFV)
  • 96 Zone (2500-96XRCFV)
  • 112 Zone (2500-112XRCFV)
  • 128 Zone (2500-128XRCFV)

  • 2500-10RCFV:
    • Front Frame:
      16.11"H x 14"W x 3"D
    • Back Box:
      15.625"H x 12"W x 3.06"D
  • 2500-16RCFV, 32RCFV, 48RCFV, 64XRCFV, 80XRCFV, 96XRCFV, 112XRCFV, 128XRCFV:
    • Front Frame:
      21.11"H x 25"W x 3"D
    • Back Box:
      20.64"H x 23"W x 3.06"D
Distribution Module Dimensions:
10-48 Zone System: 2.04" H x 17.28" W x 11.8" D
64-128 Zone System: 6.83" H x 17.18" W x 8.9" D

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  • Base Station cabinet is powder coated steel enclosure with twist lock closure. Will accept Fireman's lock (not provided by RATH®)
  • Distribution Module: wall mount or desk/table top installation
  • Base Station requires 120vac power with battery backup supply or Rath model RP7700104
  • Can be configured with the main base station and multiple Sub-Master Stations (available in desk, surface or flush mount)
  • Base Station and Sub-Master Stations are powered from the Distribution Module
  • Base Station includes handset and speaker phone for communication to call boxes
  • System requires either an analog or an IP phone line.
    If utilizing an IP phone line, system requires our RATH® 2100-VOIP2CS Interface Device
  • System can be set up as an IP Intercom System
  • Base and Sub-Master Stations to Distribution Module: 10 Zone (single pair), 16-64 Zone (2 pair),
    80-128 Zone (3 pair) and IP based units (connect to Network Switch)
  • Works with our 2100 series IP Call Boxes. Connect back to the Distribution Module via an Ethernet connection. Maximum 300' run between network switches. IP Call Boxes require PoE at 802.3af
  • Coordinate and control in-building rescue in the event of an emergency
  • Audible alert sounds when Call Boxes place call until Base Station joins conversation
  • LEDs indicate which Call Boxes initiated a call
  • Rescue personnel can communicate with individual Call Boxes and outside party
  • Install Base Station in a central location on the first floor or in an area approved by the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)
  • IBC, NFPA and ADAAG Code compliant
  • Works with our model 2100 series IP Call Boxes
  • Options:

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