Supervision Requirements (Text)

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24.10.4 - All pathways between a remote area of refuge stations and the central control point shall be monitored for integrity.

24.13.4. - Power Supplies: All control units shall meet the power supply requirements of section 10.6s

10.6.9 Monitoring Integrity of Power Supplies Unless otherwise permitted or required by and all primary and secondary power supplies shall be monitored for the presence of voltage at the point of connection to the system. – Failure of either the primary or secondary power supply shall result in a trouble signal in accordance with section 10.14 – The secondary power supply (battery back up) shall have sufficient capacity to operate the system under quiescent load (system operating in a nonalarm condition) for a minimum of 24 hours and, at the end of that period, shall be capable of operating all alarm notification appliances used for evacuation or to direct aid to the location of an emergency for 5 minutes.
Communication Supervision

Communication Supervision for IP System

Power Supervision
Power Supervision for IP System

Power Supervision requires additional purchase of: