SmartRescue System

SmartRescue System

Area of Refuge Two-Way Communication 1-10 Call Box System

Up to 10 Call Boxes can be handled by the SmartRescue System. The system provides two-way, person to person voice, off-site communication.
All system components meet current industry codes.

RATH® SmartRescue two-way communication systems are designed for Area of Refuge Installations between 1 - 10 Call Boxes
Example: How the SmartRescue System works
in Area of Refuge Stairwell

Key Features:
  • 5 & 10 Zone Base Stations
  • Surface or flush mount Base Station, lockable cabinet available
  • Surface or flush mount Call Boxes
  • Two-Way person to person voice off-site communication capabilities
  • All components meet current Code Requirements

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SmartRescue System